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Our ambition is to be the partner of choice for all aspects of connected vehicle systems. Based on our deep expertise and long-term experience building and deploying connected solutions, we bring a range of competencies and insights to support our partners on their own journeys into connected vehicles.

Our supporting services include consultancy, co-creation and access to our innovations. With these, we ensure our partners have access to the latest technical and thought leadership and our expertise in the connected vehicle sector.

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Access the long-term experience and deep expertise of our multi-disciplinary team. We cover all the engineering competencies which are required to deliver a leading connected vehicle experience. These include specialists in electronics hardware development, RF and antenna design, vehicle integration, embedded, cloud and mobile software, data visualisation, cyber resilience, cellular channel management, homologation and emerging standards and regulation. Our commercial team brings further insights into vehicle data monetisation and ROI for organisations, and emerging trends in connected vehicle services.

Recent consultancy project examples include:

  • Holding workshops for a major OEM and within security related industries on connected vehicle system architectures and emerging technologies
  • Providing dedicated RF and antenna integration support
  • Advisor on upcoming connected vehicle data regulations


A core foundation of Beam Connectivity is in the strength of partnerships we build. Working alongside large and small organisations, we pride ourselves in how we co-create leading services and products all underpinned by superior connectivity performance.

Recent examples of co-creation projects include:

  • Working with a major OEM to look at cost reduction of data transfers for connected vehicle systems
  • Partnering with a last mile delivery provider to provide insights to improve drive styles to prolong vehicle durability


Every day we seek to improve connected vehicle systems in all aspects. Our singular focus and desire to push the boundaries of performance and deliver best-in-class connected experiences has led us to several innovations which we can deploy to our partners. These include our range of TCUs which support 5G, V2X applications, and teleoperations, 2 grant funded projects seeking to improve the cyber resilience of connected vehicle systems, and several algorithms which improve the management of connected vehicle data.

Recent innovations developed by us include:

  • Implementing and cyber security testing day 1 V2X use cases
  • Building a small form factor 5G location device

Reduce time to development with CVaaS

With a wide range of out-of-the-box features and the flexibility to develop bespoke use cases, several of our partners are using CVaaS (Connected Vehicle as a Service) to build and test new use cases rapidly.

Recent examples include:

  • A university using CVaaS to send multiple types of sensor data from a prototype vehicle
  • Adding Docker hosting capabilities to our TCUs to allow an OEM to remotely update custom workloads
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