Our Story

Beam Connectivity was started in January 2020 by Thomas, Rob, Tom and Hassan to improve the world of connected vehicle systems and support vehicle manufacturers to deploy the best possible solutions.

From our original four founders to the ever-growing team of talented individuals that now form Beam Connectivity, we are united in our mission to improve connected vehicle systems. 


To become the preferred industry partner in vehicle connectivity, supporting commercial success for our customers through the innovation, education and implementation of superior end-to-end connected vehicle systems.

Our Origins

Our story begins with our fantastic four; Thomas, Rob, Tom and Hassan, all working together at a well know UK consumer electronics company that had a strong focus on design and was seeking to become a new entrant into the Electric Vehicle space – the ideal meeting of minds!

It was their experience working together there, that inspired the initial musings for the company. During their time on the project, they had the stark realisation that even premium vehicle manufacturers were not providing their customers or organisations with a high quality connectivity experience. The team actively searched for a suitable partner which could deliver a system that had high performance, great user experience, cyber resilience and was flexible enough to improve and scale in the future – they were unable to find this partner.

So they decided that they could build a better solution themselves.

When that development programme ended in 2020, Thomas, Rob, Tom and Hassan decided that this was a prime opportunity to start something new, exciting and that would become genuinely ground-breaking. Recognising that vehicle manufacturing industries were going through massive disruptions with the emergence of electric vehicles and increasing reliance on software, they realised improved vehicle connectivity would become a requirement.

Combining their diverse backgrounds; Thomas in connected consumer electronics devices, Rob in large scale secure IT systems, Tom in start-ups for wearables and embedded software, and Hassan with his expertise in radio frequency hardware for mobile handsets and medical device companies – the dream team were ready to start Beam Connectivity.

Our Growth

With the strong foundations and principles established in our early years, the company has continued to grow month by month and year by year, to offer a unique set of competencies in-house which we bring to support our partners. These skills lay the building blocks required to design connectivity systems: system engineering, electronics, antenna design, embedded software, cloud and mobile software (front-end and back-end) and managing cellular channels.

Building on this strong engineering team we have continued to expand our understanding on the value of data, effective deployment, emerging regulations, and other related topics to ensure we can deliver on our day to day mission to enable us to achieve our ultimate vision.

In 2023, the company received a strategic investment from WAE Technologies (now Fortescue Zero) to accelerate the commercialisation of our CVaaS platform and connected services. As we look to the future, we remain focused on continuing to innovate the world of vehicle connectivity and supporting others on their own journeys into connected vehicles.

Our ambition is to be the partner of choice on all aspects of connected vehicles.

Thomas Sors

Co-Founder & CEO

Rob Potter

Co-Founder & CTO

Hassan Kayali

Co-Founder & Director of Hardware

Tom Homewood

Co-Founder & Director of Software

Thomas Sors

Co-Founder & CEO

Rob Potter

Co-Founder & CTO

Alex Burns OBE


Matthew Burke

Non-Executive Director