Regulatory compliance for connected vehicle systems

We help make sense of emerging standards and legislation in the connected vehicle space. CVaaS is designed to support compliance with emerging standards. We can also provide independent guidance on your own challenges in these areas.

Our expertise covers insight into:

  • eCall
  • Data regulations including GDPR and EU Data Act 2025
  • Cyber security ISO21434 and UNECE 155/156
  • Data sovereignty requirements for global deployment
  • Requirements for certification of vehicle electronics

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What can Beam Connectivity offer?

We have built CVaaS to be compliant with several regulations and standards which impact connected vehicle systems and come from a vehicle integration background. We can bring our knowledge in standards and regulations to our partners. Topics include:

Cyber related

New regulations and standards which cover cyber security for vehicles are also impacting connected vehicle systems. We have projects which cover ISO21434 and UNECE 155/156.

Vehicle Integration

Our telematics control units are CE approved with some variants also pre-validation tested to automotive standards. We can support electronics validation including electrical, radio frequency and for vehicle integration.

Data Related

We are experts in data and data sovereignty regulations as well as EU regulations impacting connected vehicle data such as GDPR and EU Data Act.


eCall is mandatory for most passenger vehicles in EU and UK. Our TCUs can support eCall applications including variants with a back up battery.

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